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A modern hatchery for a modern game farm.

Only dirty eggs are washed in the hatchery. Mother nature provided the eggs with a cuticle and research has shown that removing this and subjecting the eggs to a washing process can disadvantage the embyo and future development of the chick. Clean eggs are simply trayed and stored in the egg store where they are fogged with a specially developed disinfectant to ensure that no pathogens survive.

Before setting, eggs are placed in our fumigation and pre-warming room where they are treated with formalin gas and gradually brought up to setting temperature, before being transferred to the setters.

The setters and hatchers have been built and installed by Emtec engineers and are capable of single-stage incubation providing improved temperature and humidity uniformaty giving us a tighter hatch window than can be produced by the more common multi-stage setters.  This means significantly less "starve-outs" and better growth rates during rearing.

Hatch days are on a Tuesday, where the chicks are boxed ready for collection and delivery to customers, or to be sent to the rearing sheds.

We have recently improved our chick handling facilities, speeding up the process and ensuring the best start to life. The boxed chicks are stored in a temperature controlled room in order to reduce any risk of chilling, and then transported to our sheds or to our customers.


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