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A modern hatchery for a modern game farm.

Using the latest egg washing facilities and chemicals the eggs are cleaned, trayed and stored in our egg room where they are turned daily before being brought up to temperature and placed in the incubators.

In the hatchery we use the Buckeye machines for incubating, but prefer to use Western hatchers. It is a system that we have perfected over the years and with hatches of over 80%, it has proven very successful.

Hatch days are on a Tuesday, where the chicks are boxed ready for collection and delivery to customers, or to be sent to the rearing sheds.

We have recently improved our chick handling facilities, speeding up the process and ensuring the best start to life. The boxed chicks are stored in a temperature controlled room in order to reduce any risk of chilling, and then transported to our sheds or to our customers.


Bonson Wood Farm, Fiddington, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA5 1JL