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New Hatchery

The new building has been specifically designed as a hatchery with every factor taken into consideration.  A team of experts at EmTech have helped us design it and are kitting it out with the most modern equipment available. 

If you are looking for a new chick supplier, we would be more than happy to help.

Egg reception:
This will feature new egg grading facilities. The majority of our eggs are now not washed as they are already clean from the laying units.  Instead they are fogged daily with a specialised disinfectant, then fumigated before setting.

Egg store:
A temperature and humidity controlled room with sockets to plug in all the trolleys so that the eggs can be turned hourly.  This will reduce egg weight loss during storage whilst increasing hatchability and improve chick quality.

Eggs due to be set will be placed in here 12 hours before incubation.  The temperature of the room will be slowly raised and then the eggs will be automatically fumigated and the gas vented, before the eggs are brought up to setting temperature.  This will reduce our hatch window ensuring reduced starve-outs and better chick uniformity.

Setter room:
Fully updated setters with both extra heating and cooling capacity mean that we can offer single stage setting. This is where the incubator is filled with eggs in one go and ensures total temperature uniformity for a tighter hatch window.  Egg weight-loss can also be better monitored and controlled so that the chicks are all the right size and weight at hatching.  The incubator can then be washed out and completely disinfected before the next set, reducing the chances of any disease.

Hatcher room:
New state of the art hatchers running on a personalised programme where temperature, humidity, fan speed and direction as well as CO2 levels are all monitored and adjusted according to the exact stage of the chicks development ensure a tight hatch window and that the chicks are properly dried off and adapted to life outside the hatcher.

Chick Handling and Dispatch rooms:
Both of these will be set at different temperatures so as to reduce any temperature shock to the chicks as they come out from the hatchers and go into storage.  If a chick is kept at the right temperature it uses very little of its yolk sack to maintain its body heat and so can kept in prime condition for placing in rearing sheds.

Wash room:
All dirty trays and trolleys will be washed and disinfected here before going onto the clean trolley store and being used again.





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