• Basket of eggs
  • Winter hens5
  • Layers in box
  • Hens in the mist


In order to produce good quality poults, you need to start with good quality stock.

All of our laying hens and breeding cocks are caught as poults in our rearing sheds and kept back in large winter pens.

We only select the best poults for breeding, and by doing this, avoid rearing from the low flying ‘survivors’ returned to many game farms by shoots.  This also helps us to maintain a high level of bio security.

The laying stock are moved to their laying pens in January/February where they are given plenty of time to aclimatise to their new surroundings before the stress of laying begins.  When being moved all of the birds are vaccinated for Mycoplasma, TRT and Infectious Bronchitis.

For all of our Cross breeds we use French Ringneck hens and then alter the strain of the breeding cocks.  This ensures that all eggs are as large and as uniform as they can be producing a more even chick

Eggs are collected daily and dirty ones washed in the hatchery before being trayed up and moved to the egg store ready for the incubators.


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