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Polish and Polish X French Ringneck

A recent introduction to the farm and proving increasingly popular.  The polish pheasant is a welcome return to the traditional Ringneck before intensive breeding and egg numbers became a selection factor.  With more explosive flight than other breeds, these birds have become very sought after.

A medium sized pheasant, that is strong, hardy and straight-forward to flush.


The Kansas and Kansas X Ringneck

Kansas birds are what we have become renowned for.  They offer an increased return on birds released due to their excellent holding ability and consume up to 30% less feed.

 From the Shooting Times:

"The last drive of the day, Combine, so named after an ancient combine harvester sited on the skyline, consisted of three-quarters of a mile of woodland on the far valley bank, a long stretch of artichokes and 100 acres of cover behind the trees. The partridges on this drive were dominated by pheasants which, though it was only early September flew as though they had a couple of months shooting behind them.  This pure Kansas strain seems to hold well and, when driven, claws the sky as soon as it is airborne.”

A smaller bird that is explosive in flight.  Very well suited to low maintenance shoots or those looking for an increased return on birds put to wood.


French Ringneck

The go to breed for many shoots. A much larger bird and very well suited to commercial shooting. The muscle mass of this bird means that it is capable of sustained flight across wide valleys and will take on strong wind conditions.  They are a very popular choice for many of our larger commercial shoots.


Red Leg Partridge

With suppliers in both France and Portugal, we rear large numbers of Red Legs.  Our system is well suited to producing these birds with customers commenting on how well they flush from cover in small coveys as opposed to large mobs.  Whilst the preferred age of release is 12 weeks, we are able to accommodate customers who would prefer them at 14 or even 16 weeks old.


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