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Tailored to meet your requirements

At 7-8 weeks of age the poults are caught clipped and crated ready to be delivered to the shoots.

We have the capacity to deliver over 30,000 poults a week.  This means that even at busy times you will be able to have your poults delivered to you on time, when you want them.

We are currently working with our poultry vet in order to produce our own assurance scheme. On delivery, you will be presented with a delivery sheet giving you a whole range of information on the birds. This will range from age and parentage, right through to all the medications that may have been used, rates and when they were given. We are trying to create a much more transparent way of rearing and hope that this will empower you in your management of your birds by flagging up any possible issues long before they become problems, enabling you to tailor your care to the birds’ specific requirements.


Bonson Wood Farm, Fiddington, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA5 1JL